Washing Dishes

By Keegan Nieto
Corpus Christi, TX


This painting is called ‘Washing Dishes’ and it represents all Women who’s mind drifted while washing dishes. Women who are imprisoned by their task yet freed by their thoughts.

La Libertad

By Rosura Estrada

La Libertad es como el viento, que se viene y se va.
Si no la cuidas, se irá con El Tiempo,
Que no se detiene y nunca regresará.

La Libertad es un grito, es un llanto, que no puedes controlar.
Es el abrir y cerrar de ojos,
Son estos pies que se mueven sin para.

La Libertad es la vida misma,
Es respirar sin tener que sufrir.
Son los ojos que me miran,
Y me dan esas ganas para poder vivir.

Human Disaster

By Kai Parker

Your eyes are flooding
Salty streams of powerful emotions swirl together as you try to blink the damage away
Pain, anger, frustration, sorrow, and defeat
You open your mouth only to have your lips welcome in the warm, salty reminders of the hurt
Your hands go from tightly enclosed fists to open with shaking fingers
Subconsciously swaying side to side as if your soul is trying to escape
The sky reflects the sadness within the depths of your heart
As it begins to beat faster, the sky erupts with monstrous booms of thunder
Raindrops fall heavily to the earth, assaulting the soft terrain beneath them
The lightning flashing through the clouds is almost blinding
Even in your most vulnerable, destructive state I am still mesmerized by you
It’s not just your beauty or your mind that has me in awe
Your entire being is powerful
Does that make me selfish?