La Identidad

By Vanessa Moreno



My first short “La Identidad” is based on my experience as an immigrant and victim of displacement. I want to showcase this film to aid the lack of recognition women of color have in the filmmaking industry and media. This would benefit many women of color who may face some kind of immigrant daughter guilt like I have, where our own parents do not fully agree on our vision to work in the arts. As a young teenage girl, I want this film to speak to people in any way, and relate to those who have suffered the same as I have.


Vanessa Moreno was born in Bolivia and raised in Virginia. She identifies as Boliviana, and immigrant. She moved to the U.S when i was 5 years old and grew up here and has dealt with generational gaps and cultural differences with my own parents and by living here in America. Her goal is to get into the film industry when she get out of college. She is interested in all types of mediums in cinema. Always eager to learn more and more about the film-making world and the experiences from female identifying filmmakers/women of color in specific. She enjoys spending my time watching films on Netflix, always finding herself clicking on the “Latin American” genre of foreign movies. She also adores taking pictures on my free time with my Pentax film camera. Taurus sun, pisces moon, and gemini rising. Twitter. Instagram. Website.