Spell-like Poems

By Taylor Hurley

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Plate for a freed conscious:

3 raisins, strung together on a spear

2 walnuts halved at the center

5 rye crackers

1 cup of glass soup

Anoint the nuts with coconut oil and roll in rosemary. Eat dish largest to smallest, working through your guilty matters in the same manner as you go.

Altar for protection:

Place a cactus in Eastern  corner of your room. Make sure it is growing vertically, pointing it’s wagging tail towards the heavens. Build your alter around the plant. Alter may include:

1 white candle

1 black candle

2 oz. of hyssop

16-30 padlocks

A color portrait of Archangel Michael

2-3 birth control pills mounted on the backs of needles, stuck in a worry doll

1-2 blue condom wrappers (the actual latex should be placed under your pillow)

“I will see nothing that is not of the light”

Altar to Aphrodite:

2 pomegranates halved. Use the juice to draw the figure of fertility on a piece of parchment paper, prop up on altar upon the bold heads of however many oranges it takes.

To sage:

A bundle for your pallet. Tied with red silk to suggest ritual.

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