Love Letter

By Aitana Sandoval

If I wrote a letter to you
it be a love letter
(of course)
I’d put in the rough callouses
of your hands
I’d write in the taste of limes
acid green in the summer
I’d add the smell of abuela’s soap
from the clothes we hung in the garden
There would be fresh tortillas too
wrapped in a paper towel
still too hot to eat
I’d write in shame from long ago
spreading red across my face
that day at school
when you picked me up
There would be the soft sound
of my mom crying
when the house is dark
I’d write in the flickering dance
and heat of the little red candle
left at our altar
for my brother
I’d write in the sound of my name
when you say it
like a song
like a prayer
like a poem
I’d write you
a love letter
all I have
is these words
and you know
only spanish

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