An Interview with Bombon

How did you guys meet?

Angela: Jerico and Paloma have known each other since high school and I met them both through shows in San Pedro. Jerico’s previous band (Sleepover) had played a few house shows at my old place known as the 13th st house in Pedro.

Where are you all from?

Angela: Jerico and Paloma are from San Pedro.  Paloma was born in Mexico, but moved to San Pedro when she was a baby.  I grew up in Anaheim, but consider Pedro my home, since I have now been here for 10 years.

Erika: How long have you been involved with music/making music and making music together?

Angela: I have been playing music since the age of 13.  The girls and I have been together now for 5.5 wonderful years!

Paloma: I got a bass for my 15th bday but I didn’t really start playing until we formed Bombon

Erika: I remember when I first heard “¡Xicanista!” I was unbelievably excited. Not only because I had seen you guys live before, and had a feeling you could be Xicana’s, but didn’t feel like it was the right time to ask. Even though if I had known, then it would’ve been even more amazing. Since both of the Burger Festivals I saw you play at were mostly white. Sure Booger a go go was all female, but there was like 3 bands with known Latin@s. I think it’s actually very important to make it known that you are the minority in a scene. Especially because it gives people like me and teenagers like we were, hope. How is it to be involved with a scene like this when you can see a disconnect? 

Angela: I feel honored to have been part of Burger-a-Go-go’s line-up for the past two years.  I (personally) didn’t feel any separation having played a festival like that, if not, I felt connected to other fellow musicians for being part of an event that celebrates music by female fronted artists.  I do believe it is important to be proud of where your roots are based-on, but we also have to remember to appreciate our differences and celebrate not separate them.  I’m proud to be Latina I can only be me.

Paloma: I also felt honored to be apart of Burger-a-Go-go too. I saw it as a melting pot, there were people of all backgrounds there and that’s what I liked about it. I like seeing that at shows. Of course I’m proud of my heritage, but I love seeing people united and celebrating music together. I also think we make a Latina stand with our band name and having a lot of our lyrics in Spanish!

Erika: What inspired the song “¡Xicanista!”? 

Angela: Our song ¡Xicanista! Was partly inspired due to Trump’s political campaign brought on by sexist and racial tactics.

Paloma: I was intrigued with the Xicanista movement after reading Alice Bags book “Violence Girl” a couple years ago, which I connected to a lot. Going through my own experiences as an Immigrant child being raised in the U.S, and finally dealing with all the silly steps of becoming a citizen as an adult, just to have the same rights as all my friends that I grew up with. I was inspired by that and making a stand with our own feminist anthem, when we wrote the song

Erika: Who are the musicians who inspire you? Not only well known and popular, but those connected to your upbringing? 

Angela:  Kristy Wallace from The Cramps had initially inspired me to play music, but my grandfather was the first person that had encouraged me to pick up the guitar.  Every time I went to my grandparents’ house my grandfather would tell me stories of this “younger days” during the 60s. He would tell me about the blues bands and jam sessions during his time living in Texas.  Till this day, he reminisces about playing in a band and continues to motivate me.

Paloma: I was mesmerized by Punk when I first heard it. I identified with it and wanted to be a punker so bad haha. I loved Black flag, Minutemen, The Slits, The Cramps, anything BilIy Childish!! I mean the list goes on! But I as I got older Bikini Kill, Holly Golightly and Thee Headcoatees really inspired me to want to be in a kick ass girl power band!

Erika: What would you to say for the only punk xicana in the crowd? 

Angela: It’s easy to forget who you are… Asi que no quemes las tortillas!

Paloma: Be who you are, be proud of your roots and rock it girl!


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