Unwrapped With Love

By Erika Delgado


When I was little, Santa was everything to me, but in my household, Santa did not work alone. El Nino Dios flew around in his sleigh with Rudolf and those other reindeer that no one really cared about. They flew around the world giving kids of all cultures and upbringings presents, little or big, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Crist. My parents, who worked multiple jobs around the holiday, tried to give me everything I wanted as a kid. Though that all ended when my brother, who was 19 at the time, ruined everything by telling my 12 year old self (in front of my parents) that Santa wasn’t real. I knew that Santa wasn’t real. I knew it would be impossible with all the different religions and the fact that some kids never got presents. I knew there was something wrong with this whole holiday, I only kept going with it, because, in the end, I knew that if I didn’t all I would get for Christmas from then on would be Tamales.

That’s what happened too. I would of course get something I actually needed, like an oversized jacket, which “I would grow into” according to my mom. As a young teen this frustrated me, because I was around all these privileged kids that bragged about all their amazing presents. About their new wii, to their new laptop, and all these things I wanted and understood why I couldn’t have, but I still held a grudge. This was a grudge that I released on my family or on the tamales, which I destroyed with hunger and anger every holiday season. They were all I had. In the end they were all I needed. Since I would eventually get those things I wanted when my parents had the extra money to spend, of course they were my Christmas, Tres Reys, birthday, Valentines, and, Graduation presents, all in one.

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