Unapologetically Mexican

By Ashley Huicochea

You are mexican,do not deny it because you weren’t born in Mexico.
You are american,do not deny it because you aren’t white.
You are treasure,a living child of the sun!
Remember this is an experience,
you are an experience.
When the old white woman on the bus looks you up and down in disgust remind yourself that you are both on the bus.
When you see stickers at a gas station in texas saying “This is america,speak English or go home!” remember this is home and was yours long before they came along.
Do not feel like a stranger en tu tierra.
When they ask you where you are really from do not hesitate to say Chicago again.
When you have your 8 year old cousin afraid to go play outside in the sun because he fears of getting darker,remind him how beautiful brown is.
Your first name might be as american as apple pie giving you the made in America sticker but your roots are in your last name leaving any trace your ancestors have left behind.
So,when they butcher your name and laugh at it do not hesitate to stand up for yourself.
Your name is not the punch line to a mexican joke.
You are not a mexican joke.
You are not a mexican stereotype.
You are not a maid looking to be rescued.
You are not a curvy goddess latina sex toy.
You are a woman skin and bones.
Do not measure your self worth on how many tortillas you can flip or how pleasing you are to a mans eyes.
Be loud,proud and brown.
Be a mujer con corazon de nopal.
Mujer,be unapologetically mexicana.

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