By Diana Rocha

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I often use Lotus plants, trees and catrinas as a motif in my work, I believe these can all have a symbolic meaning of growth and wisdom. For example, the Lotus must grow from the mud at the bottom of a lake and struggle to reach the warmth of the sun. Trees must endure changing of the season year after year to achieve maturity and survival. I believe death is another form of growth whether in an emotional, spiritual or physical sense. Emotionally, to move forward we must let go – a part of us must be allowed to die, to mourn and to progress forward. Physically, death is a friend to all. Death makes no distinction between beauty, social status or infamy. My work exemplifies this by my use of the catrina’s simple features to remind us that we are all mortal, to remind me to see life and death before me as a gift. With this gift, I learn more about myself and my technique, slowing releasing what I have started with, allowing this part of me to cease to exist for a deeper wisdom that life always offers.

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