Like That Side

By Veronica Martinez

“That X in there means that you’re gonna fucking die
if you ever go to Mexico.

Hey it’s a joke I didn’t mean it
like that, because you know
I’ve heard about the other side.
I don’t know. Ha,
ha, ha.“

I get if you don’t,
is like
you can’t see through the barbed wire
And you’ve heard enough to try
To even remember
si no fuera por tu abuelo cruzando
you’ll be on THAT
other side.

Hey here’s your joke. Even
if you didn’t mean it
like that, you mean people actually die
and you’re here having your laugh.

I guess the show looks better from that side.
Like spectators
behind the barrier watching a bullfight.
Lucky ones, lucky side.
It’s just a game. The cat
and the mouse. Mice living
in barricades squeaking between walls.
The bull avoiding the lance, and the public
thirsting for crimson,
as long as is not the one in the stripes,
You know stuff like that happens
on THAT side.

Hey, I know you didn’t mean it
like that
but is your country the one that’s so
concerned about what goes in and what goes out.
Drugs in
guns out
are keeping the backyard on war.
Look at the wounded eagle and
keep having your laugh
Ja, ja,

The red in that sculpture does not mean blood, but
the struggle and also the life.


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