Cosas Que Debo Recordar

By Sara Cabrera

I am not Hispanic, I am Latina.
My first words were in Spanish,
but very soon I learned English
I fell in love with the language
my mama spoke.
It brought words to life

Unfortunately, early on in my life
I was embarrassed of being Latina
I rarely used my native tongue, only to my mama I spoke
I switched the channel from novellas to Lizzie McGuire, no more Spanish
Words became sentences, stanzas, stories, all one language
No me olvides, sorry I only speak English

My mama never learned to speak English
she’s made it this far in life
este lenguaje
es mi manera de ser una orgullosa Latina 
My mama only speaks Spanish
me and my brother would cringe when she spoke

I’m glad that my mama spoke.
How many of you speak perfect English
and are fluent in Spanish?
Discrimination endured in this life
Has made me a proud Latina
palabras are my language

Reflect on language
do you know what your abuela spoke
Selena was Latina
Fluent in English
now in death, her life
screams, shouts, and sings in Spanish

Quisiera escribir este poema en Spanish
por que fue me primer language
es una de los mejores regalos de mi life
Perdon por las estupidencias que dije cada ves que tratabas de spoke
No neccesitas el English
Tu eres toda Latina

I will teach my child Spanish, I will tell them what you spoke
I will teach them multiple languages, not just English
because this life has given me so much when I embraced it as a Latina

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