Endless Summer Movie List

By Paola Martell

Summer’s coming to its close, and whether you’re going back to school, starting an internship, or just going back to work, you just wanna continue doing stuff at your own time with your friends. These movies might influence you to drop out of your overly priced art school or quit or job.. or maybe they’ll make you think otherwise. Either way, these are pretty great runaway-themed films.

BUFFALO ’66 (1998, Vincent Gallo)
Okay yeah, I know Vincent Gallo is a Coppola-hating douchebag to a lot of people, but Buffalo ’66 is still cringing-ly nice to watch. It makes you feel like being kidnapped by a ex-convict who forces you to visit his parents with him and makes you be his fake girlfriend. You watch as him and his family argue while staring at NFL memorabilia and their washed-out 80’s carpet. A cringing and stale romance filled with old high school friend encounters, crappy motels, bowling alleys, diners, and a tall skinny beardy guy with tightly fitted clothes , what more do you want?
Almost Famous (2000, Cameron Crowe)
If you went to too many concerts this summer and don’t wanna go back to boring reality – Almost Famous is the perfect film for you. It’ll leave you in a musical bliss. It’ll make you wanna pack your bags and move to California to start a band. It’ll make you download Tiny Dancer by Elton John. It tells the story of William, a high school boy who goes on the road with a band to write a synopsis of them for Rolling Stone and so much more. Drugs, bell bottom jeans. and hotel rooms have never seemed so appealing. And come on, who doesn’t wanna be Penny Lane?
Sommaren med Monika (Summer with Monika) (1953, Ingmar Bergman)
Feeling a black and white aesthetic? Then Sommaren med Monika will satisfy your new wave crave. It might not have a delightful ending, but throughout the movie we see a young love blossom as these two teenagers run away together to seclusion. It’s personally my favorite Ingmar Bergman film, but I’m just a sucker for summer romance and stealing roast beefs.
Badlands (1973. Terrence Malick)
This dark, action romance is about Holly, a studious and well-behaved teen who’s just moved to Nowheresville, South Dakota. She meets rebellious Kit, and of course, her father hates his guts. So they runaway together, and as they love grows, so does Kit’s appetite for crime and violence. It’s somewhat like Bonnie and Clyde but without all the Hollywood glamour. Badlands is much grittier and rugged. Also, Charlie Sheen’s dad plays Kit, and he’s a mega babe with tight denim pants, so that’s a bonus.
Moonrise Kingdom (2012, Wes Anderson)
Well DUH, of course I was gonna include this one. This film shows prepubescent love at its finest. It tells the story of Sam Shakusky, a khaki scout who’s in love with Suzy Bishop, a quiet girl who’s intelligent and fond of records. She’s only 12, but she’ll intimidate you and make you wish you were as cool as her. As all the other films I’ve listed, they run away together. But this film’s cooler because they’re preteens and don’t even think about the consequences. Every person in a relationship should love like 12 year olds and dance to Francoise Hardy in their underwear. Also, “What kind of bird are you?” is the best pick up line.
Films to also check out: Paris, Texas (1984), Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001), My Own Private Idaho (1991), Uptown Girls (2003)

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