Caring Too Much

By Paola Martell

the papers i need to write
won’t care if i don’t compose them
the equations i need to work out
won’t care if i solve them
the clothes i need to wash
won’t care if they stay in the bin forever
the boy i love
won’t care if i acknowledge him

my number saved in his phone
won’t care if it’s ever used for a text
my outfit i’m wearing tonight
won’t care if it is properly ironed
my nicely applied eyeliner
won’t care if it’s being complimented
my late night texts to him
won’t care if they’re read or ignored

his smile that formed my smile
doesn’t really care that my cheeks are blossoming red
his eyes locked on my eyes
don’t really care about my longing gaze for him
his hand snugged onto my shoulder
doesn’t really care about my sweaty and nervous palms
his lips on mine
don’t really care that this is where i want to be

so why do i care so much, too much?

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