A Different Kind of Family

By Araceli Hernandez
LA, California

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You know those friends that you can just run to and vent with when your day has been shitty? So you can have a shoulder to cry on, and a good laugh?

You know those friends that know pretty much everything about you? From your favorite bands to your stupid fantasies.

You know those friends that you sit down with and have long talks with about life? About their life…about your life.. your goals. your dreams….

You know those kind of friends! We all have atleast one. (I hope)

Well… these are not those kinds of friends.

These are the friends that you call, not so you can lean on their shoulder, but to pound a few 40’s with. We drown our sorrows in alcohol.

These are the friends that not only know what bands you like, but they’re telling you when the show is and how we’re getting there.

These friends are the ones that meet you one time, and you’re new name becomes homegirl/homie.

The friends that don’t even need to text each other “Let’s kick it” cause most likely they are already at the skatepark waiting for you and everyone else….

The kind of friends that you don’t need to have known for that long. About the second time you meet them, you’ll feel like you’ve known them since pfffftt… way back! I can’t even explain the comfort and acceptability you feel when you meet these awesome people……

These are the kind of friends, you make memories with. Memories you won’t or can’t or probably shouldn’t, tell your kids about.

These are my kind of friends. Small valley-full of punks.
These pictures do them no justice Because there are so many homies missing. Too many memories, and not enough film. To many moments, but not enough time. (You can only go forward).

This is a different kind of family.

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