Untitled Poem

By Vanessa Quintero

we tried to deny it
but we knew what we were;
we were city scum
we were nose rings and cigarettes
we weren’t tory burch and zara
we tried so hard
but we weren’t tory burch and zara
we weren’t regatta
we weren’t frozen yogurt
we were snowball fighting
we were ice sliding
we were no AC and an cracked open window
and we were okay with a studio apartment
we weren’t the suburbs
we were allston late after dark
when the rats were out and the pizza delivery man was outside
we were joints right outside the building
we were jam bands and freestyle rappers
we were not monogrammed
we were CVS within walking distance
we were carless with a cause
we were walking miles at 3 am just for an open restaurant
and we were fake IDs at trader joes
we weren’t LIV
we were basements
we were shots of rubinoff
(svedka if we’re lucky)
we were looking for a cause that wasn’t football
we weren’t football
we weren’t home back home
we were snow kickin’
we were river trippin’
we were public transit missin’
we were mungo jerry listenin’
god damn it
we’re city scum
and god damn it
we’re happy

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